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TED ED Weekend

Show up, speak up! Was the theme of 2018 TED-ED Weekend where Humanae Institute was part of two activities

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Inspiring future teacher

More than 500 students of ESCUNI’s, experimented with Humanae’s workshop as a tool in their classes. We prepare future teachers to make learning come alive through empathy for all their future students.

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In a main workshop we trained 43 teens from Gymnázium BMA  to be Humanae multipliers with the project Srdcem, ne očima (Heart, not eyes). They made workshops in 15 schools around the Moravian-Silesian region in the Czech Republic. In three months, Humanae got to 75 czech classrooms, reaching almost 2000 students between 6 and 12 years old, showing us the importance of empowering our youth to be change makers. This project was double winner of the National Prize for Young Volunteers, Gratias Tibi at  the Secondary School category and the main Czech Television Award.

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Deaf students in Santiago de Chile

In this project we used a experimental platform that aims to build and disseminate artistic and educational proposals that incorporate Deaf and hearing people into their work. The workshop counted with the participation of 18 students and 6 professors / interpreters. The goal was to create exactly the same experience for deaf students using the same methodology that applies to hearing students. 

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Apply to receive our D.I.Y

Use our DIY (Do It Yourself) guide to work with your students creating self-portraits inspired by Humanae. 

Utiliza nuestra guía DIY (Hágalo Usted Mismo) para trabajar con tus alumnos y crear autorretratos inspirados en Humanae.

Use o nosso guia DIY (Faça Você Mesmo) para trabalhar com seus alunos criando auto-retratos inspirados pela Humanae.