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I was going to say that I have been raised in a family that held KKK beliefs and abused and indoctrinated me and forced me to abuse other children based on their skin colour and or ethnicity. I revised it and left it out, and then realised that I was respecting the taboo and by doing so not sharing what I really wanted to say. Here's what I really wanted to say: Humanae is touching a deep chord in me and freeing my soul to be closer to who I was meant to be.


"We had a lot of positive feedback from other teachers and students and would like to run this project again. We are an international school in Kuala Lumpur and have students from all over the world/ from families that are very multi ethnic so it was very interesting to discuss identity with the students."

Race, ethnicity, and color is such an insanely divisive issue at this time in the USA, I believe that the project melts down defenses. I will incorporate this work in my classroom this year.  Again, thank you for this vital work. Who knew when you started it how even MORE critical it would be needed during America's current political environment. Art as always is a power voice spoken without words transcending into our souls. Hoping and praying it enters into hearts that have become so hardened.”....

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We have learned that in fact this idea of "we" and "them" is very ingrained, there is a lot of change to actually begin to think that all who inhabit this planet are part of the "we", although with all the singularities and particularities , "we are all mixing flour of the same bag".

"I appreciate you bringing this subject to life and sharing your personal life story. It sheds light on the rest of us who have experienced it as well."

 The students were delighted and proud as we were looking at the beautiful spectrum of color that our class reflected

I am a nurse in a residential rehabilitation facility for teens in upstate New York, USA. We work with children from all walks of life who have suffered a great variety of life problems.  This will help them better understand and accept each of us as one race: Human. It will build personal confidence and social acceptance.


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