Our Vision

We challenge the myth of race


Intolerance related to race, religion, and color negatively affects self-esteem, personal achievement, and community relationships--particularly among young persons. Within the classroom, intolerance becomes discrimination, removing one's ability to see value in oneself and the others: it muddies the beauty of diversity that marks authentic education. Humanae empowers global educators to stand against discrimination by creating playful spaces for students and the communities in which they reside to discuss such complex, vital issues.  

La intolerancia relacionada con la etnia, la religión y el color afecta negativamente la autoestima, los logros personales y las relaciones con la comunidad, especialmente entre los jóvenes. Dentro del aula, la intolerancia se convierte en discriminación, eliminando la capacidad de ver el valor en uno mismo y en los demás: confunde la belleza de la diversidad que marca la educación auténtica. Humanae ayuda a los educadores globales para oponerse a la discriminación mediante la creación de espacios lúdicos para los estudiantes y las comunidades en las que residen para discutir temas tan complejos y vitales.


Angélica Dass


our founder

Angelica Dass


Angelica Dass is an award-winning photographer living in Madrid, Spain. Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, she is acutely aware of how small differences in skin tone can swell into large misconceptions and stereotypes about race. She is the creator of the internationally acclaimed Humanæ project—a collection of portraits that reveal the diverse beauty of human colors. The initiative has traveled to more than 30 countries across six continents—from The World economic Forum in davos to the pages of National Geographic, —to promote dialogue that challenges how we think about skin color and ethnic identity. 

In 2016, her career launches to new dimensions with her TED Global Talk, confirming the great potential of her work to go beyond photography, becoming a tool for social change, which promotes dialogue and challenges cultural prejudices. Today, this TED talk exceeds two million views. As part of the TED Residency 2018, she presents her new talk .
Angélica’s work transcends the museums and finds in school classrooms a great universe of work. She amplifies the educational message of Humanae through institutional collaborations around the world, such as collaborations with city councils of different cities in the Basque Country, teacher training schools in Madrid, highschools in the Czech Republic, or with UNESCO and the Government of Chile, reaching an impact of more than 50 thousand students in a week.
She is also a powerful and inspiring speaker who has lectured at important organizations, such as the University of Salamanca, the University of Bologna, or the UERJ - Rio de Janeiro; and at the World Economic Forum, as a cultural leader.
This career path leads Angélica to fund the Humanae Institute, a non-profit educational platform with the objective to position diversity as a value in the educational process.


Our Mission


At the Humanae Institute, we serve teachers and all kinds of educators, who keep getting in touch with me every day to bring Humanae to their classrooms. We are providing them with educational materials that help them provoke debate, reflections and conversations about skin color and race, as well as the creation of art projects in their schools.

We’ve also achieved formal links with associations of adoptive parents, universities, city integration and immigration departments, museums, NGOs, corporate social responsibility departments, schools, neighborhood and cultural associations being able to amplify the impact of our work.

Our practice is a community based project, where educators and multipliers are facilitated and facilitator at the same time. We are fed by their feedback to continue improving our practice. In the whole process, there is a permanent engagement and interchange when they share their feedback and testimonies about the impact they are generating with their students.

Supporters & Previous Partners

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